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The Coffee Academics invites you to taste the blend of two unique Yemen coffees that you cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Two precious lots we acquired at the QIMA Coffee x Alliance of Coffee Excellence Yemen Coffee Auction. This Yemen coffee is so much more than just an auction victory; it is about the potential of coffee to change lives in one of the world's most challenging environments. With up 60-70% of the FOB price going directly to the farmer, The Coffee Academics' participation in this particular Yemen Coffee Auction will deliver a meaningful contribution to the revival of an ancient coffee civilization and the rebuilding of a war-torn nation. We serve this limited cup to you with love and dedication to the coffee farmers, Ahmed Al-Lahaba & Ahmed Al-Rumaim. 

Region : Yemen Sana’a 
Variety : Udaini 
Tasting Note : Elderflower, Honey, Tropical Fruits 
Process : Natural
Roasting Level : Medium Agtron 65 - 75
Altitude : 2,300 m.a.s.l. 
Cupping Score : 84-89.5 

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