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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is a long-term commitment of The Coffee Academïcs.

There are so many hands that go into crafting an exceptional cup of coffee. We never forget the heroes behind every single coffee bean, before we are able to begin our work roasting the green beans that we source from all around the globe, we acknowledge the efforts of the farmers and the producers who provide us this exceptional product. We pay homage to them by working closely with farms who share the same philosophy and intent as us - to forge a positive, social impact to smaller, less fortunate communities. 

The Coffee Academïcs proudly works closely with Capricornio Coffees in Brazil, who guarantee all coffees are grown in equal compliance with ecological, social and economic standards, this means providing the coffee farmers and their families with a permanent livelihood. In alignment with our values they support several social programs including the below: 

  • “Farm of Hope” An organisation that works with drug and alcohol affected members of the community in Piraju, Brazil. They send patients to the coffee farm to live during their rehabilitation, there they will learn valuable life skills though an agricultural life.

  • “Women in Coffee” - An organisation that empowers women in Brazil and in the international coffee community to achieve meaningful and sustainable lives; and to encourage and recognise the participation of women in all aspects of the coffee industry, from seed to cup.

Our corporate business partner’s also have a unique opportunity to contribute to particular causes significant to them through our bespoke coffee blend subscription service. We ensure a minimum of 12% of the beans that go into your custom blend will be sourced at one of our charity farms. At the end of the calendar year we will provide you with tangible means to assess your company’s contribution to the supporting charity, Drink well and do good.

Watch this space for more stories and updates on our CSR pursuits, and how consumers such as yourself are able to contribute and make a difference.


It is a very challenging task to maintain recycling behaviours especially in such a resourceful environment nowadays. We at The Coffee Academïcs, are working to meet the expectations of our customers to carry out initiatives to reduce waste by promoting reusable cups, straws, and biodegradable packaging.

As a proud Hong Kong brand, we began using biodegradable packaging and cups since our first outlet in 2012. We are now rewarding our customers by reducing HK$3 off their purchase when reusable cups are used. Our customers are welcome to bring in their own cups to purchase their drinks. We also offer cool stainless steel straws for our cold drinks, available for sale at your request!

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