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The Science Behind Coffee - The Roastery Tour Explains It All

Breaking news ! The new Roastery Lab by The Coffee Academics has been opened at the heart of Hong Kong ( See below for detail address ). Since 2012, The Coffee Academics is always the place where you can find the art and science in coffee come together. I am sure you have seen all of our trendy machines and excellent barista skills in all of our outlets. This year, we decided to take one more step forward - to setup a Roastery Lab in Central. In this place you will have the opportunity to witness everything from the back of the stage in our process of the quality-chasing journey.


A Combination of Micro Roastery and Coffee Lab 

The Roastery Lab is combining Microroastery and Coffee Lab. 





Microroastery is a roasting facility focuses on sourcing and purchasing only premium specialty coffee lots which is then roasted in small batches to exact specifications. The roasting process is handled by our highly skilled roasters to ensure that only best quality coffee is produced. 




Coffee Lab is where all the coffee research and development take place. From coffee roasting, water quality, to coffee flavours in cups, science is always at the back playing an ultimate important role behind. A range of coffee science researches and experiments, which aiming to further improve coffee quality or beneficial to future product development, will happen in this Lab. 




What to expect from The Roastery Tour ? 

Roastery Lab is holding a 45 mins Roastery Tour every Tues and Sat, please make sure you register online before you come !



Once you start the tour, you will be welcome with the chilled Cascara Tea, it is a cold brewed tea made from dried coffee cherries’ skin. Our Head Barista will introduce you to the Rolls Royce in coffee industry, Sanremo Opera. It it a powerful espresso machine can possibly pre-set 12 different programs. The machine allows us to experiment all the potential espresso recipes until we find the best one. 




Next you will visit the Green Beans Storage room. It is a place where we store green and roasted coffee at a precise temperature and humidity. 



Next is our roasting room. You will be introduced to one of our buddies, a 15Kg Geisen Roasting Machine. Our roaster will be roasting on the site. Each person will get 20g of that freshly roasted batch of coffee as a souvenir in the end of the tour. At the same time, our roaster will explain the chemistry behind roasting.



Bullet R1 sample roaster is up next. This very stylish 1 KG sample roaster is invented by a pair of Denmark twins. It is used to sample roast the green beans to decide the best roasting profile. 



Upstairs is a research and development centre. You will get to know all the research that we are doing behind, for examples, coffee-water relations, coffee extraction, aroma & sensory experience and all the high-tech equipments! 



Come back downstairs, you will be given a cupping session. We will arrange 3 coffee, 2 of them are award-winning coffee from COE ( Cup of Excellence ) and BOP ( Best of Panama ). You will have the chance to try a professional cupping session on the most exclusive coffee beans. 


If you are interested in everything behind the barista stage, here is where you need to come! 


How to book the tour ? 

The Roastery Tour is limited on 4 to 6 people per session. Email us at to save a seat ! 


P.S. You don't want to miss this! 

We have a treat for you in the end of the tour. It’s an Espresso Panna Cotta. It is everyday freshly made Panna Cotta with espresso syrup brewed from our Roastery Blend. It is the best coffee dessert that you could ever had ! 


Address :

41 Staunton Street, Central, Hong Kong 


Roastery tour schedule:

Tue ( 5 pm - 6 pm ) & Sat ( 11am - 12pm ) 


Time per session:

45 mins 



HKD 180 / pax 


Opening hours: 

Coffee Bar - Mon - Sun 7 : 30 am - 4 : 30 pm 

Roasting Room - Mon - Sun 10 am - 7 pm 




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